About Ingress Yorkshire

Ingress Yorkshire is a team of Resistance and Enlightened agents who actively promote First Saturday and other cross-faction events in the Yorkshire region.

Our first formal event took place on Saturday 2nd March, 2019 and there has been a First Saturday every month since then.

What is a First Saturday?

First Saturdays are monthly events held in an array of locations across the globe, to enable Ingress players to meet, socialise and compete against each other for a couple of hours. Prizes are awarded at the end of the event.

Where are they held?

We try to cycle the locations around West, North, South and East Yorkshire so that local agents can enjoy a First Saturday often without having to travel long distances and we don’t repeat the same location in a calendar year.

As always, we’re actively looking for new areas and points of contact so if you want to help host a Yorkshire event or just to let us know that you’d like one in your area, please get in touch.

Why attend a First Saturday?

The main driver for Ingress First Saturdays is to bring new and inexperienced agents into their local social groups. We welcome anyone, no matter what level you are or how long you’ve played. Meet more experienced players and learn from them in a friendly environment.

Perhaps of more interest to experienced agents, there’s the attraction of double AP for the duration of the game play! If you’re looking to progress your stats quickly, you can be sure that a First Saturday will help you boost your levels through out your Ingress career.

In addition to the AP gain, every time you attend a First Saturday, your in-game medal increments.

As if all that wasn’t enough, there are prizes for the winners of each category and wooden spoons for the losers. For some, collecting wooden spoons is a badge of honour!

Do I have to pay anything?

Every First Saturday event is 100% free of charge.

However, we do have a donations box located on the registration table which helps the organisers to fund the prizes handed out in the award ceremony at the end of each event.

Why is there a group picture and do I have to attend?

For every First Saturday there has to be a group picture with at least 10 Agents to be eligible to get an in-game medal. Attendance is preferred but not essential.

How do I register for an upcoming First Saturday?

Register for each event in advance at the link provided on our homepage. It will take you to the relevant Fev Games registration page. You’ll need to fill in the form there and select the correct city location from the drop-down list.

What do I need to do on the day?

  1. Turn up an hour before the stated start time and show your scanner stats page to the organisers at the Registration Point. From March 2020 we’ll use a new method of submitting stats that is described in a handy printable format here: https://www.ingressyorkshire.info/how-to-submit-first-saturday-stats/
  2. Attend the photo at about 15 minutes before game play begins (if you’re comfortable doing so)
  3. Hack the Registration Portal during the 2 hours of the event and make sure you receive the media file
  4. Go and play in the normal Ingress way, solo or with friends, for two hours
  5. Make sure you to earn at least 5,000 AP between the first and last hack inside the 2 hour measurement window of the event
  6. At the end of the two hours, show your scanner stats to the organisers again at the end of the event
  7. Enjoy the social aspects until the prize giving ceremony at the end

30 minutes after the game play window ends, a Restock Portal will appear which provides extra kit to celebrate the event. After that, there are often faction-based farming socials around the city.

Are there any local rules?

We strongly request that you don’t use very rare or Aegis shields in the city before or during the First Saturday game play. The main driver for First Saturdays is to help low level agents learn about the game and to level up. Using strong defensive mods makes that very difficult.

Similarly, try to resist the temptation to recharge portals during game play. We know it’s hard to break your normal habits, but it’s only for a couple of hours.

Finally, if you’re asked politely to change your approach, please respond in kind. First Saturdays are a friendly and safe environment for all agents, young and old, experienced and new and we’d like to keep it that way. Always remember: Ingress is a game, no matter how passionate we get about it.

What can I win?

Prizes at each event vary. Where possible, we like to give location-themed prizes. For example, Scarborough had rock; Skipton had sheep. Prizes are usually awarded in these categories, but are subject to change:

  • Levels gained
  • AP gained
  • Distance travelled (i.e. Trekker)
  • Resonators deployed (i.e. Builder)
  • Resonators destroyed (i.e. Purifier)