A Reet Yarkshire Fust Satdy & Quiz

Saturday 6th June saw our second First Saturday at Home event with over 40 agents from several countries joining our Zoom channel for fun and frolics. Where else would we hold a virtual First Saturday in Yorkshire but the home of virtual Yorkshire: Emmerdale!

Sadly, the sets are closed at the moment, so we planned to hold the event in the village of Esholt, home to Emmerdale’s exterior scenes until 1997.

Even more sadly, that site wasn’t suitable for Niantic’s passcode decryption challenge, so we reverted to option three: the location of Emmerdale’s interior scenes at the studios in Leeds!

With our start time of 6pm we had several agents attending their fifth virtual FS event of the day, so the approach to the decryption challenge was a well worn path, but new to our group as a whole we collaborated through it with gusto! Presented with pictures of a range of portals across west Leeds, we dug deep into our memories and local knowledge to try to remember just which plaque that was and whether anyone knew that there are several mosaiced telephone boxes around Leeds.

A mere two hours later and we’d cracked the code (after many attempts!) and could launch into the Yorkshire-themed quiz we’d planned.

The fiendishly difficult 10-round quiz based on Yorkshire-specific knowledge from dialect to movies went down particularly well with our foreign agents, one of whom later proudly boasted of his 2/50 point score. While many of the participants managed a respectable 20-something result, the quiz was won comfortably by croggy123 with an amazing 32/50 correct.

Thanks to all who attended and the orga team. Onward to the next one!