Leeds First Saturday – Anniversary Edition… tick!

  • gwince 

On a damp morning in a northern city, 85 agents collected and anticipated a #FirstSaturday of sunny spells and a 36-mission banner. Whether each player’s ritual involved a fry-up, imbibing energy drinks, or guzzling vast amounts of coffee, every one of them got their starting scores verified and headed outside for the photo you see above.

There had been talk of prizes galore, even more cakes, and possibly even pizza… this was the 12-month anniversary since Ingress Yorkshire had kicked it up a gear and started doing a First Saturday event every month. The Orga team were buzzing with excitement, the attendees wanted to get their hands on some shinies, and some people just wanted the amber nectar at the end.

At the strike of midday, off everyone went… some for Trekker, some for AP, and some for banners. There was even a Treasure Hunt, organised by Orga Photofitz. 85 left, and 84 returned. And when they returned, a trove of cakes, pizza, and prizes met them!

With the scores tallied, the prizes were handed out, including certificates for those who achieved the most over the last twelve First Saturday events we held.

All in all, it was a fantastic event. In the days preceding, the Orgas did a fantastic job of making everything come together for the big day. Props go to Photofitz, RoseyMacdoo, EmmaKupo, Dex5tarr, Cunni, and MissTinker for the anniversary First Saturday. Thank you to the wider Orga team for making these events a reality.

And, of course, thank you to every who has attended the Ingress Yorkshire events in the last 12 months. It’s not an event without the people!

See you in Bridlington in April!